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    Disc is a cloud-based online crime reporting tool which enables police to work with the communities they support more effectively, securely and compliantly.

    Police forces are working ever more closely with private crime reduction schemes all over the UK such as Business Crime Reduction Partnerships, Shopwatch and Pubwatch schemes, commercial security companies and Neighbourhood Watch groups.

    They benefit from engaging with local crime reduction schemes as it helps to prevent and detect low-level crime and anti-social behaviour in a way that otherwise would not be available to them. Research proves that early intervention is key to reducing the chances of young offenders going on to re-offend. Engagement in this way also helps to identify offenders who may seem low-level and local but in fact are prolific, organised criminals ‘hidden in plain sight’. Continuous crime monitoring on a system like Disc, can identify trends in behaviour, across individuals and local areas which otherwise might not have been reported or compiled.

    Find out how Sussex Police are successfully using Disc both in urban and rural locations - CLICK HERE TO READ THE CASE STUDY


    The Benefits Of Disc For Police Forces


    Today, Disc is used across the UK in more than 450 towns and city-centres as well as a growing number of rural areas, football clubs, major retailers, shopping centres and Neighbourhood Watches. By deploying Disc for Police at force-level, police officers can link into these communities more efficiently and effectively to build and maintain closer, mutually-supportive relationships.

    At a time when budget-cuts have forced police to withdraw resources from neighbourhood policing, Disc provides a unique opportunity for them to close ‘the policing gap’.

    Disc allows police forces to:

    • communicate invaluable current- awareness (Alerts, news, documents, information on up-coming events, ID- Sought images etc) into hard-to-access communities
    • share and analyse intel about low-level offenders
    • identify Level Two or prolific offenders
    • create a force-wide database of low-level offenders
    • more efficiently and securely make data available to local Disc schemes with which they have Information Sharing Agreements.
    • engage with smaller shopwatch and pubwatch schemes, Neighbourhood Watch and other community groups in rural areas outside towns and city-centres


    Linking With Other Disc Crime Reporting Implementations


    Each Disc implementation is administrated, configured and controlled locally by the police force it serves.

    However a huge and impactful benefit is that Disc systems can link together for sharing current awareness alerts, offender information, joint database searches as well as gathering on- the-ground intelligence from other local areas.

    By establishing themselves within a force-wide online network of crime reduction Partnerships, shopwatch or pubwatch schemes and neighbourhood watch projects, police can publish their own relevant current-awareness information (Alerts, news, information on up-coming events, ID- Sought images for example) not only to each local scheme but, with their agreement, directly to their individual members.


    Sharing Crime Information Quickly Is Key To Getting Results


    Disc for Police enables police to send relevant content only to appropriate Members or only to Members of one or more specific categories - such as police staff, night-time schemes, day-time schemes, major retailers or security companies.

    The Disc system has features such as Instant Messaging, Email alerts, direct-to-crime reporting and other communication features that are in place to help disseminate vital information quickly, securely and effectively.

    For example, Alerts about counterfeit currency, or a surge in specific online fraud types, can be communicated instantly - including by Instant Messaging - direct to individual members of each scheme throughout the force area. Police plans for local events can be promoted directly to all Members, useful reference documents can be distributed instantly, ID-Sought images can be shared in real-time, throughout the force region.

    Disc for Police also provides police with access to powerful cross-Disc data-sharing tools so that intel and associated incidents related to specific offenders can be brought together to create a consolidated Evidence Pack to support prosecutions, applications for CBOs etc.


    Ensuring Shared Information Compliance Under MOPI


    Using Disc, police forces can more efficiently and securely make data available to local Disc schemes with which they have Information Sharing Agreements. They can set MOPI- defined expiry dates on data which then automatically apply to the receiving schemes.

    For example, if an image is shared by police with a MOPI expiry period of 12 months, and is displayed on a local Disc gallery with a 24-month expiry period, the image will automatically delete after 12 months to comply with MOPI.

    The Disc ‘Secure Environment’ has been designed from the outset to comply with the concept of ‘data protection by design and default’ – for example it enables data-sharing between police and local Disc systems without the use of removable data devices such as USB flash drives or external hard drives. All data transferred within the Disc Secure Environment is fully encrypted. Littoralis and Disc are both certified to the highest internationally defined security standard – ISO27001.

    Contact us for more information about how Disc can help your police force drive down low level crime and identify potential Level 2 criminals. 


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