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    Major retailers are using the Disc online crime reporting system in-house, to manage internal banning and exclusion schemes, retail crime reporting and to take advantage of additional Disc features designed specifically for retailers with multiple locations and stores.

    Retailers are up against rising retail crime on the high street and Loss Prevention Managers are looking for new and innovative ways to try to reduce loss and report store crime. Anti-social behaviour in stores is also a growing concern and Security staff are in need of a robust way to identify offenders and work with the police and their retail peers more closely.

    The need to keep staff and customers safe is ever-growing.

    Across the UK, local and national retailers in town and city centres use the Disc crime reporting system as part of local  Crime Reduction Partnerships, Business Improvement Districts or shopwatch / pubwatch schemes, to share crime and  safety current awareness,  gather information about local offenders and, in most cases, to manage local banning and exclusion schemes.

    Now major retailers can take advantage of both the local Disc "shopwatch" type scheme as well as their own internal company-wide scheme, to ensure the highest level of intel, across all of their multiple store locations. Disc crime management systems are designed to be individually managed but to be simultaneously linked together, so cross-Disc Information Sharing becomes easy, efficient and furthermore, very powerful!


    Crime Management For National Retailers With Multiple Locations...


    Disc enables retailers with multiple store locations to manage retail crime and to identify individuals who are involved in low-level crime and anti-social behaviour in and around their store premises.  As well as enabling Administrators to share retail crime current awareness across their organisation to identify threats, it also helps Loss Prevention Managers guard against them. Disc also allows retail security staff to submit direct-to-police crime reports so offenders can be dealt with as soon as possible and even offers functionality to report Public Realm issues, such as damaged equipment – a great additional tool for Facilities Managers.

    Since we understand that retailers have varying needs specifically to support multiple locations and a national retail environment, we have designed certain features of Disc specifically for use by major retailers.

    These are:

    Content Segregation By Geographical And/Or Functional Areas  - deliver retail crime current awareness information (via instant messaging for example) to geographical or functional areas (defined by the organisation itself) only where it is relevant.

    Mugshot Gallery Segregation - restrict staff access to only those offender Mugshot Galleries in which they have a justified and valid interest either in the Disc App or Desktop. This reduces the number of images displayed, and helps avoid any potential non-compliance with Data Protection law.

    Report Adoption And Escalation -  incidents submitted by staff can be adopted by in-house or contracted ‘Security Members’ who can then ‘escalate’ them as direct- to-police crime reports, leaving non- security staff free to get on with their day jobs.

    Enhanced Analytics  - access ‘Benchmark’ analysis and reporting at premises, area and enterprise-wide levels. Trend analysis can identify premises or areas experiencing worrying increases in loss as well as those where remedial action has been most successful. Retailers can also configure lists of Product Types specific to their own business and which can be associated with Incident Reports, so that types of products which are most subject to theft can be readily identified.

    Cross-Disc Reporting – configure Disc so that crime incidents submitted by certain store premises in their own in-house Disc system can be simultaneously copied into a local crime reduction scheme or shopwatch Disc system of which they are a member.

    Public Realm Reporting – submit and manage facilities reports about non-functioning equipment or services, damages etc. with ease and send them instantly to the appropriate in-house Facilities department or external contractor for resolution.

    Coordinator Functions -  create Disc ‘Coordinators’ who are responsible for their own sub-groups of staff and can add, monitor and delete individuals staff members as appropriate.

    Keyholder Directory  - Disc provides a staff-maintained Keyholder Directory to in-house (or contracted) ‘Security members’ in case of an urgent need to access a premises out-of-hours.


    Contact us for more information about how Disc can help your retail organisation drive down retail crime and reduce loss.


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