• Disc For Shopwatch Schemes

    Disc is the online crime reporting system that helps crime reduction schemes self-manage low-level crime and Anti-Social Behaviour in their communities. It supports shopwatch, pubwatch and other ‘watch’ schemes for daytime and night-time crime reduction as well as enhancing exclusion schemes that may already be established.

    Shopwatch schemes, often run by Business Crime Reduction Partnerships (BCRPs) and Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), play an increasingly important role in tackling low-level crime and antisocial behaviour. They are self-funded by their members, who are usually levy payers, retailers and licensees, to reduce low-level retail crime and antisocial behaviour in their immediate high street neighbourhoods.

    Shopwatch schemes deliver local crime reduction solutions to local problems, managing local troublemakers in defined geographical areas.

    Many such schemes include radio systems to monitor criminal or suspicious activity on high streets or between night-time establishments but this is limited to simply highlighting problems to other retailers, pubs or clubs. It doesn’t address the need to report crime, monitor ongoing situations, identify regular offenders or escalate to the local police. This is where Disc crime reporting software, integrated into Shopwatch schemes, comes into its own.

    Disc Enables Effective Digital Crime Reporting & Monitoring

    DISC Crime Reporting

    Using the Disc smartphone App and secure Desktop interface, Disc users collect information about the criminal behaviour of ‘Persons of Interests’ and access galleries showing the most active offenders or those who have been banned from their premises as part of a Shopwatch exclusion scheme. Through Disc’s online crime reporting system, members can send incident reports about these and other offenders to their local Disc administrator and exchange useful current awareness information about safety, security and crime issues of direct local concern.

    Retailers and other local establishments who are members of the crime reduction shopwatch scheme can exchange urgent, important information with each other using Disc’s built-in Instant Messaging system, receive Alerts from their Disc administrator, and receive an automated eNewsletter each week, which keeps them informed about everything added to their Disc system in the previous seven days.

    Each Disc system is controlled by an Administrator.  Through the easy-to-use Disc Admin Centre, they can configure their systems to suit their crime reduction or exclusion scheme, manage every aspect of the system, and access a wide range of analytical reports.

    Communication Is Vital For Successful Shopwatch & Pubwatch Schemes

    The ability to communicate crime information between retailers and night-time establishments instantly is vital to the successful implementation of any shopwatch, pubwatch or other ‘watch’ scheme that may be run by a local crime reduction partnership or Business Improvement District.

     Through the Disc smartphone App or secure, members-only ‘Desktop’, members can access Watch lists and Mugshot Galleries, submit crime reports to their Disc administrator, keep up-to-date about latest local security developments and communicate directly with each other.

    Members can submit reports easily and quickly using the Disc App, making use of its voice-to-text and in-built camera functionality, and incident reports can be ‘escalated’ into direct-to-police crime reports, with witness statements. Instant Messages about urgent, important matters can be sent direct to other members or sub-groups of members, and reports about public realm issues like damage, graffiti, fly-tipping etc can be sent directly to those responsible for their resolution.

    Members can create their own Incident Book or even maintain their own internal Banning Scheme – for their eyes only

    Engagement Drives Disc’s Success In Crime Reduction

    We know that the engagement of participants, members and employees with Disc is a huge factor in its ongoing success in crime reporting and reduction. The most effective Disc implementations achieve a huge level of interactivity between users – sharing information regularly, ensuring everyone – including police - is informed and working effectively together to drive down crime and ASB.

    Our engagement tools are a central part of Disc and have been designed with compliance in mind. They draw Shopwatch members back to Disc time and again, establishing it as an important part of their working day:

    • Automated weekly eNewsletters: These keep members aware of up-coming events and current developments, circulate ID-Soughts, raise participation levels - and keep them high.
    • Pro-active Alerting: Urgent, important messages can be emailed or sent as Instant Messages to all, or sub-groups of, members.
    • Instant Messages: Members can share urgent important information directly with each other in compliance with data protection obligations.

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