Case Study

Engagement: the measure of success for any Crime Reduction Partnership

If you're looking to set up a Business Crime Reduction Partnership with a focus on the retail sector, it helps to have an appreciation of the issues concerned and the local community.

That's why Reg Woda was well received by fellow retailers back in 2003. He had spent a large part of his career working as a store manager for one of the UK's largest retail chains and was well aware of the problems caused by persistent offenders and shoplifters.

Reg explains his desire to encourage a fightback: "I wanted to bring together shops who were facing the same problems, the same offenders, the same people. As I used to be in the business, I was accepted by the town's retailers.

"The major stores loved the idea. They could see how it was going to work for them. I got a very good reception from fellow store managers at the time and they encouraged me to do something about it."

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