• We work with new administrators to implement their Disc systems by providing consultancy on compliance, configuring the system to suit them, and delivering training on how to manage Disc.

    After going live, members access Disc through the easy-to-use Disc App or Desktop to identify local offenders, receive alerts, read news and documents, send instant messages to each other and quickly submit incident reports to their administrator.

    They also receive automated weekly eNewsletters which bring them back to Disc again and again.

    Disc includes functions which can be enabled as required, including direct-to-police crime reporting, 'public realm' reporting and much else.

    Administrators can link their systems together to copy alerts or useful news items into each other's Disc systems, access shared offender data to identify travelling and prolific offenders, and copy incident reports into other Disc systems.

    Disc, developed for local town and city-centre crime reduction schemes, is now used by major shopping centres, retail and leisure multiples, sports venues and police.    

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