Recent press announcements: Disc milestones, product enhancements and more

New Disc Functionality Launched for 2020

We are continually striving to innovate here at Disc. We listen to our customer feedback and analyse what they need to support their crime-reduction processes to drive down low-level crime and anti-social behaviour. Here are 5 new features of Disc, launched in readiness for 2020...

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Eight New Disc Schemes Go Live!

The effect of the policing gap grows ever more prevalent in our industry. The demand for help in managing low level crime on the high street and in local communities is growing by the week and we are seeing this at Disc with more and more new implementations coming on board.

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Two Step Authentication Now Available On Disc For Enhanced Data Protection

More and more online service providers offer customers the option of setting up 'Two Step Authentication'. Now Disc users can choose to adopt '2SA' too. Two-Step Authentication provides extra security online. With 2SA, users can protect their accounts by requiring anyone trying to access them to submit not just the usual email-and-password 'credentials' but an additional element which can only be known to the authorised user. So even if someone knows the user's login credentials, they won't be able to gain access to the user's account.

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Innovative Disc Applications Support Police in Driving Down Local Low-Level Crime And ASB

In addition to the seven new local Disc systems announced this month (see ‘Magnificent Seven’ news item) two others confirmed this month show how Disc can be deployed by Police in new, innovative ways. Disc is used in over 450 towns and city-centres across the UK to support retailers and local businesses to self-manage low level crime and anti-social behaviour in their local communities. But Disc is a highly versatile platform that can be configured to support policing too.

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Magnificent Seven: Local Disc Schemes Announced In August

This month has seen seven more towns and city-centres implement the Disc online crime management service. “We’re seeing substantial growth in demand for self-management of low-level crime and anti-social behaviour in communities,” says Charlie Newman of Disc, “mainly driven by spikes in crime which affect local high streets, retailers and of course the public"

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Keighley Business Improvement District To Launch Disc

We are proud to announce that Disc has been selected by Keighley Business Improvement District (BID) in an effort to help reduce low-level crime and anti-social behaviour. The online crime reporting system will deliver not only greater value to their levy-payers, but also marks great progress in working towards their aims of delivering improvements to their commercial district.

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Disc Online Crime Reporting System Tackles Low Level Crime In Hereford

In early 2015, businesses and property owners voted to establish a Business Improvement District (BID) for the City of Hereford, with the principle aim of delivering investment and improvement to the commercial area. Hereford BID signed up to Disc, an online crime reporting system and digital app, and with many local businesses continuing to sign up, the organisation says the area has never felt safer.

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Littoralis launches Disc app

Littoralis has announced the availability of its new app for Disc, the secure information-sharing system for local Crime Reduction Partnerships.

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My Premises

Providing new benefits for members and revenue opportunities for partnerships.

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